3D Technology

3D technology goes long back into history and can be referenced to the period when photography started. In the year 1844, 3D technology first started when the stereoscope began taking 3D photographic images. As time passed by technology started rapidly growing and new inventions began to take place in the world of technology.

The term 3D technology refers to a three-dimensional technology which will in the near future effect all the different aspects of human life, especially in the entertainment sector in the years to come. Nowadays we see 3D technology being widely used in LED lighting, Laptops, TV’s, LED light bulbs, LCD’s, and even mobile phones. All these products seem to have 3D technology for the very fact; this is related to sports and entertainment, especially in movies a great amount of 3D videos. This technology seems to be gradually gaining momentum as people are also welcoming this new trend.

3d viewing technology

A few years back 3D was widely used for viewing movies however nowadays quite a few movies in theatres are showing movies in 3D and a few channels are also broadcasting their serials , documentaries, animated shows, spots events and even musical performances in 3D. This also helps the producers and owners of these channels gaining more publicity thus helping them earn a few extra bucks.

There is a very scientific reasoning behind working of the 3D technology. This has been designed in such a manner that it takes precisely takes the same amount of time that is required by our brain for seeing different images from the same source. The two very minutely diverse images are placed over each other either together or in an alternative succession. Human beings have to wear 3D glasses to be able to view the 3D images. At present there are two kinds of 3D glasses, active and passive. The active glasses have electronic and are used for changing the display and are further subdivided into two categories, the former being the liquid crystal shutter glasses and the later being the display glasses. While the passive ones do not have electronics, and they use another way for dissecting the images.

3D is in the modern times being widely used in the field of education, medicine, architecture, computers and entertainment too. This technology will continue to expand and rapidly grow in the next few years. And as time passes prices would most certainly lower down too. In recent months Roofing Matters of Cardiff, leaders in flat roofing products are testing how this technology can be implemented into the roofing and construction industry



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