Home Technology

As technology continues to progress at a rapid rate, keeping in touch with the latest household technology can be troublesome.

3d technology can be used in a wide range of house hold products and solutions. For example it can be used in wet room installations as can be seen below the technology allows plumbers to produce a 3d image of the areas that the sanitary wear and tiles that will be designed and installed.

wet rooms penarth


It is even being used in sport. Take this fishing lure, popular in Alaska for attracting large salmon. as seen on Alaska Fishing Trips with Mark Glassmaker  the technology sends vibrations in the water, which attracts the fish.


fishing lure in 3d


The technology is also being used in window cleaning. Take for example this Wimbledon window cleaning company who have embraced the use of it in their daily window cleaning rounds. It makes the job not only faster but increases the water quality and reach ability.

window cleaning wimbledon

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